Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who Says Mondays are a Drag?

Not me! Anyways not this Monday! Monkey and I went out back this morning to get some fresh air and the sprinklers were running. Zsa Zsa (one of our dogs) was playing in teh sprinkler and having so much fun. It caught Monkey's attention and soon she was laughing that big belly laugh she has. I decided to let her down to touch the sprinkler, and that's all it took! Before long she was soaking wet and having the time of her life! Soon enough the timer went off and so did the sprinklers. She crawled out into the lawn and pounded on the grass, as if she could get the water to come back. Of course it wouldn't, so being a good Grammie I got the hose out for her. By the time she was done she was soaked (and so was Zsa Zsa). But they both dry so all was good!
After playing in teh water outside, we had fun playing in the water inside - a bath with lots of toys. Then it was time to get dressed and have some good "dry" fun. A nap was attempted and failed so we went for a walk and a visit with a neighbor. Back home for grilled cheese sandwiches for us both and a lot more play! Our afternoon together was coming to an end, and it was time to take her to her Mom. We met at teh grocery store today, and even that was fun! Monkey got her very first tub of Hagen Das ice cream today. I even let her eat it in the store as we shopped. She LOVED it!!!!

Well, Monkey may have gone home for the day but my fun didn't end. I made this HUGE fresh peach pie for myself tonight. I pulled it out of the oven at 11pm and dished myself up a big ol' piece. It was so hot and so yummy! And I plan on having another big piece for breakfast in the morning!

The song says "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down" They obviously have not spent a Monday with my Monkey!!!! I hope all of you had a super special Monday too!
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Penny said...

What a DOLL!!!! Just LOVE her new "do"!!! Can I borrow her for the day?? Maybe you could save a piece of that pie for me, too?!? I am drooling looking at it!! Glad you're having a good day!