Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed!

Tuesday morning Monkey and I were playing and Mom handed her an empty card box to play with. I took it and laid one of her tiny Monkeys in it and told her it was a monkey bed. She played with it for a few minutes, kissing her monkey and then laying it in the box. This got my creative juices flowing and I called Bryanna at work. I asked her to bring me home one of the big paper boxes. So late last night (after America's Got Talent ended - do you watch that?) I took the box and started making a proper monkey bed.
I cut the sides down making a 4 poster bed shape and then started painting. While the paint dried I got out the sewing machine and the scraps from her monkey quilt and monkey bag I made her. I made a little mattress and a couple of pillows, as well as a little monkey quilt. Once all of this was finished and the paint was dried I did a little bit of stamping on the bed. I was super happy with what I had made and couldn't wait till morning when my Monkey would arrive. I actually figured she would destroy the bed today as she played, but I was wrong. It surrived a full day of play! She carried it, pushed it, filled it with all manner of toys and even got into herself a few times. My little monkey bed was a big hit with my little Monkey today.

Don't forget that you can click on the photo to see it bigger
After Bryanna saw my latest creation we had a very interesting discussion about "Stuff". I was explaining to her that I had made the bed out of just "Stuff" that I had around the house. That I had not bought anything special to make the monkey bed. She asked me how one goes about collecting "Stuff". She was worried that she would never be able to spontaneously make things with Monkey as she got older because she didn't own any "Stuff". I assured her that she did have "Stuff" and that as she got older, was married longer and was a mother longer that her collection of "Stuff" would grow. Our conversation ended with a simple request from my daughter. . .Bryanna wants a box of "Stuff" for Christmas this year.
All of this got me thinking. I thought about all of the things I did with and made for my kids when they were young. We were so poor back then, that if I hadn't had my box of "Stuff" there would have been less fun memories together. longer, more boring summers, and no birthday parties. So, I started a mental list of things to put in her "Mom's Box O' Stuff". I came up with the typical things (things that some of which I am surprised she doesn't have) Glue, scissors, tape, contruction paper, needles, thread, pipe cleaners, yarn, paints and brushes. I would love to know what all of you have in your "Box O' Stuff". Leave me a comment here on my blog or shoot me off an email with the cool things you keep handy for those spontaineous creations.
Well, I think it is time to say goodnight. I have Monkey all alone again tomorrow. And she is a busy little girl these days! Did I mention that she is officially walking now? All day today she walked everywhere. I hope to get some video of her tomorrow. OMGoodness - she is so stinkin' adorable and growing up so fast!
Have a good night and a great Thurdsday!!!!!!!

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