Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Again. . .

Hey everyone - I'm back!!!! We actually stayed an extra day. Boy was it nice to get out of the heat! So here are the highlights of my trip. . .
we traveled - I was so restless in the car this time! We got to the hotel and then took off for a drive and then out to dinner. Not one photo was taken this whole day - can you believe that!
We shopped!!!! We spent most of the day at Seaport Village. We just adore all of the shops there. We also enjoy the people that set up their tents and "peddle their talents". I ended up on a stool getting a henna tatoo. . . of my Monkey of course!

Then we took a pedi-taxi down to the Maritime Museum. They had adden this great statue of "The Kiss" from WWII. It was so beautiful and so tall!
Gary is a big guy, but look at him next to her shoe!
We also headed over to Coronado Island and did a little shopping. I found a little shop called Seaside Paperie and Gary was nice enough to go in and spend some time. Of course I came home with some new paper! I found another little shop called Baby Me Forever - WOW!!!!! If I didn't live on a budget I would have done some serious shopping there for Monkey!

I forgot to mention that when I packed Gary's clothes for the trip I paked all the shorts he had that had NO buttons! So, on thursday when we shopped we headed to the mall and bought him the cheapest shorts we found at this upscale mall ($56!). This morning's 1st adventure was to the casino and outlet mall. We actually won a little money and ended up buying Gary a whole new wardrobe for under $200! That's right - 3 pairs of slacks, 4 pairs of shorts, 7 golf shirts and a belt.

After this Gary let me pick where we went next. I chose Scripps Institute. Those of you that know me, know why this place is so special. But for awhile it looked as though we wouldn't ever get there. We kept getting lost and Gary was getting very frustrated! I love the pier there and really wanted to shoot it. Finally we found our way there and I was thrilled! Sadly I overexposed 90% of my photos while we were there. I just couldn't get the light right. It was so overcast and the sky was full of smoke from the fires. The glare was terrible and made even looking at the screen on my camera impossible. This actually became an on-going problem for the whole trip. But here are a couple of photos from Scripps. . .

These flowers were stunning and in front of one of the beautiful beach-front homes there

We LOVE to go to the Koby Swap Mart at the Sports Arena in San Diego everytime we vacation there. We usually go on the last day of our trip but not this time. We were there for a couple of hours and all of a sudden I was spent! I couldn't even think! Back to the hotel for a much needed nap!
After an hour or so Gary woke me and we headed off to the beach at Coronado. I have to admit I was not thrilled. I was starting a migraine and I was grouchy! Gary played in the surf and made a sand sculpture (which drew a lot of attention) while I "napped" on the beach. As soon as he finished it, the surf came in and washed it away.

The little kids next to us had made this little castle and I just thought it was so sweet.
We got food and back to the hotel early tonight. I was so glad of that - I really felt awful! But nothing a good night's sleep wouldn't cure!
The last day of a vacation is always kinda sad. You gotta get everything packed and try to fit in the last few things you wanted to do. I wanted to go to another one of my "special" places. . . Point Loma Lighthouse. I have the greatest Husband and he took me there. But on our way we stopped off at the Sunset Cliffs. I do not know why we had never stopped here before - it was amazing! I took a ton of (overexposed) photos here, but handed off the camera for a bit so that I could explore the edge (NOT a camera friendly place) and Gary captured about 30 of these pictures of me.

After the Cliffs we headed over to my lighthouse! I just love this place, and I was lucky today that hardly anyone was here. I was not fighting the other tourists as I took pictures.

Look at how cool the staircase is inside the lighthouse!
This is the Veterans Cemetary that flanks you on both sides of the road as you head up to the lighthouse.
Well, after Point Loma we headed out of San Diego to come home. But not without letting Gary stop off at the casino again! He didn't walk out a winner this time - oh well - we still had fun!
As we started off across the desert we got the show of a lifetime in the sky! I was dying because my camera was in the trunk!!!!! All of a sudden Gary just pulled off onto the shoulder and told me to "get out"! What was wrong? I just couldn't figure it out. He was being nice and allowing me to get my camera! So the rest of the ride home I was shooting out the windows and the sunroof. We say 5 different rainbows on our way home, and got treated to the best sunset ever!!!!!

The sunset picture I did not take through the windows - Gary is so sweet and pulled over once again for me! He is so paitient with me and my camera!
So, there's the highlights of my trip. How was your week while I was away? Did you have better luck with your camera this week?

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