Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Official. . .

Everything is gone! The guy from Data Doctors called this morning and the damage was too severe and they are unable to retrieve any documents, files or images.
I feel as though I am mourning the death of a loved one here. I know that sounds silly but The things I am most passionate about, the photos of my family, the photos of my art, the written instructions for my classes and so many more things were on that drive, and now they are gone and I cannot ever get them back. The thought of trying to recreate the ones that can be recreated seems too daunting of a task.
So I am going to send out a plea here on my blog to all of my friends here. . .
If I have ever sent you a file with any of my class instructions would you please take pity on me and email them back to me? I would be so appreciative if you could do that.
Well, I guess I should go and try to take care of some other things
Have a great day and back up your computer!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WARNING. . . It could Happen to YOU!!!

Back Up your files NOW!!!
I am going to be MIA for a bit - I have had a BIG - no HUGE loss on my computer.
*I have lost EVERY photo of my newest grandbaby (that I took and that her parents took)
*EVERY photo of my Monkey for the past 18 months (that's half of her life!)
*ALL of my day to day and other family photos for the past 18 months
*Every photo I took for other people
*ALL of my class files (instruction documents and project photos)
*As well as all of my personal and financial documents!!!!!
I am just sick over all of this - I know better!
I have always backed up all of my photos monthly onto discs and my other documents quarterly. When I got my new 1 terabyte seagate drive added to my computer for all of my back-ups and photo storage (this is in addition to my regular hard drive) I was told it was not neccessary and I got lazy. Now it is all gone and I am just heartbroken.
My seagate is currantly with the Data Doctors and I am praying that they will be able to do a full recovery or at least almost all of it.
So heed my warning - back up your files.
I had no warning at all that anything was wrong .
So until everything gets straightened around I will probably be gone.
I hope you all have a great weekend - see ya soon

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This is the House that Love Built

Okay so that title is a little dramatic for what this really is but - If I didn't really love my granddaughters I would not have gone to all of this work!
Here it is. . .
to go of course in the Mary Room!

This is the little house that originally sat in the Mary Room when I first showed it to Monkey (and you). I made this little house last October just for no reason. I got the little kit (I bought several of them) on clearance at Mike's for a buck a piece!
Everytime Monkey is in here she asks to play with the house but there is nothing to play with really, it is just an empty ol' house. No furniture, no dolls, no nothing! So I bought a kit of the furniture and decided to make her some furniture so she could play with the little house. Of course I needed to get her some doll house people too.
But then I had a thought (this equals too much time and effort usually for me) Why not make a brand new doll house that actually matches the room - a true MARY HOUSE!!!
So that's what I did! I spent hours on this thing (probably a total of 30 hours) but as I did it I could just see my Monkey playing with it and looking at me with those big dark eyes and saying "thank you Amma" the way she does! It melts my heart to be quite honest!!!
There is NOT a lot of Mary paper out there so I had to be creative. I cut up some ME paper placemats for some of it, used some of my beloved G-45 papers and then some stock polk-a-dot and check papers.
I bought this little brass door knob about 7 years ago or more and have held on to it for just the right project. This is the RIGHT one! Doesn't it look cute?
The trim and the big flower are more parts of the placemats I bought (also for a buck for a pack of 6)
Today I finished the furnishings - it was my plan to do that yesterday but I woke up with one of those headaches and only got out of bed for an hour before crawling back under the covers!
This is the downstairs (unfurnished of course) I added more placemat images (I love the cherries!) and some ME chipboard pieces that I also bought at Mike's for a buck. They were the perfect touches for art on the walls I thought. Notive the door knob on this side of the door? This was an old brass snap that I just glued on - gotta love Ultimate Glue!
This is the upstairs
Here are all of the furnishings I made. I was gonna break out the sewing machine to make pillows and spreads. But then I decided that was a little over the top for even me! After all they woudl just get lost while being played with by a 3 year old.
Here's Monkey's Room
A little bed, a night stand and a rocking pony
This is Mom & Dads Room
a big bed with a pretty spread and red dust ruffle, a night stand and a cradle for Monkey's little sister
This is the Dinning Room
Lots of bright green and cherries in here. I made a little runner for the center of the table and little seat cushions with cherries, complete with stitching for the chairs.
An of course The Parlor
I was trying to upholter all the seats in this room but after making several mistakes I decided that painted sides would be just fine for a 3 year old! I did add some flowered rub-ons to the coffee table to spruce it up a bit.

So, this is the house that love built! I hope you enjoyed the tour. I can't wait to show Monkey - but first I must find some tiny people to live it!!!!

Enjoy your holiday weekend