Thursday, September 16, 2010

WARNING. . . It could Happen to YOU!!!

Back Up your files NOW!!!
I am going to be MIA for a bit - I have had a BIG - no HUGE loss on my computer.
*I have lost EVERY photo of my newest grandbaby (that I took and that her parents took)
*EVERY photo of my Monkey for the past 18 months (that's half of her life!)
*ALL of my day to day and other family photos for the past 18 months
*Every photo I took for other people
*ALL of my class files (instruction documents and project photos)
*As well as all of my personal and financial documents!!!!!
I am just sick over all of this - I know better!
I have always backed up all of my photos monthly onto discs and my other documents quarterly. When I got my new 1 terabyte seagate drive added to my computer for all of my back-ups and photo storage (this is in addition to my regular hard drive) I was told it was not neccessary and I got lazy. Now it is all gone and I am just heartbroken.
My seagate is currantly with the Data Doctors and I am praying that they will be able to do a full recovery or at least almost all of it.
So heed my warning - back up your files.
I had no warning at all that anything was wrong .
So until everything gets straightened around I will probably be gone.
I hope you all have a great weekend - see ya soon

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Sandy said...

This happened to me with my Western Digital 500 Gig, luckily I had back it up to my 1 TB WD...and I use 4.50 a month I have ever might look into it. Someone told my cousin that they had never heard of an external crashing.....we have proof, huh? :) Sorry this happened!