Art Journals

So another of my newest passions is art journaling! I came upon this passion after falling in love with making canvases. I soon realized there was not enough wall space to continue making them and so enter in Art Journaling! What a great way to get to make art and not take up a ton of room. I could also express how I was feeling or remember a favorite quote or scripture. This was perfect for me!
I now have 3 different journals going. Each one has it's own purpose and style. I will continue to add more pages here as I get more done.
This first one is a 9x11 journal that I use to express my feelings and work things out. I use a lot of vintage images in this one and a lot of hand written journaling. I hate my handwriting, but I do it anyway.
This page I did after a dr appt that made me very angry. It was a good positive way to express myself. Although my first inclination was to hit the dr. I controlled myself and made art!
This next spread was made about my Doodle (my dad) about what he would be like now if he hadn't died so young. It has been 21 years now!

This is another one that I did to work out some struggles I was acing. I used a lot of scripture on this one and really big images.
This is all about prayer and what the "Lord's Prayer" means to me personally. Lots of hand journaling here.
This is my newest journal I am working in/on. The whole journal is handmade - no purchased book here. I have chosen to not bind the book until I finish all of the pages. This is the front cover. it is about 5x7 in size. I will of course share with you when it is all finished.
This journal is all about LOVE. I am using hearts of different kinds as my main images and trying to paint of draw them myself and not use printed images here. All of the journaling is scripture. Each scripture either has the word "Love" or Heart" in it. I am using some new materials and really enjoying the process!

I did this 1st page in memory of the terrible massacre of all of those innocent children in Connecticut. it is Psalm 147:3 "He Heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds". I enjoyed working with those brighter colors so much I did another page in those same colors. This is quite a departure from my typical black/brown/red that I love so much!

This is my 3rd journal. I taught how to make the journal in a class last week. It started out as a DiVinci code library book. I am using it to try new techniques in. No theme, just trying stuff out to see if I like it.

So far this heart page was the funnest page (bad grammar) but I loved using the water soluble pastels on this! Super fun!!!
If you want to read more about the supplies I use you can read this post here. It is a good place to look if you want to start art journaling.  


Unknown said...

Very nice work:-) do you use mod podge on the inside pages of your journal? They look so nice. Thanks for sharing.

Marta said...

no, I do not use mod podge. I am not a fan of that product. I do use matte medium though. thank you for your comment