Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sharing Psalm 119 with Pastor Daren. . .

So, I have been helping out at the church office on Thursdays stuffing the bulletins (like 500+ of them), 

and last week our assoc. Pastor Daren and I were talking and I mentioned my Psalm 139 Lady that I had made and he of course didn't know what I was talking about so I showed her to him on my blog. He really liked her and had lots of questions about the symbolism etc. He asked if I would bring her in next Thursday (today) so he could see her in person. We ended up taking a little "art tour" on my blog that day and he was surprised at what all I had created. He asked if I sold my art and I told him no - this was God's gift to me and so I love to share it with people but I struggle to sell it - that is not what God has intended it for (not for me anyhoo). 

Well I went back to my bulletins and I had this overwhelming desire to create something just for Pastor Daren - was it God putting that desire on my heart????? So I asked him what his favorite scripture was. He explained that Jonah was his favorite book of the Bible, and that he loved the Psalms and was really studying Psalm 119 right now  and that of course he loved Psalm 139 (who doesn't!). He asked why and I told him I wanted to create a piece just for him. I told him not to expect it by a certain date but that it would come. 

When I got home that day I read the book of Jonah, um. . . no inspiration there! So I read Psalm 119 (all 176 verses - did you know this is the longest Psalm and the longest chapter in the Bible and that it is right in the center of the Bible? just a little trivia for you) and then I read Psalm 139 again. I wasn't feeling very inspired (artistically that is) by any of these. I just left it in God's hands - "what do YOU want to create through me for Daren Father?" this was my prayer. 

On Monday it was like a bolt of lightening struck me - I knew exactly what the Father and I would be creating together - it would be Psalm 119 with and emphasis on verse 11 - 
I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

I gathered up my supplies and started laying it all out

Then I started "rusting" and aging stuff and painting the framework. This piece sits inside an old chess set that I got from Goodwill a couple of years ago on my birthday junque trip with Rooster (thanx Rooster!). I ripped out the velvet lining and painted it black then scuffed it all up so it would have the beautiful "old" look that I love so much!

 That red, plastic heart that was left over from last year's Valentines Day (that I stole from my granddaughters - bad Amma) had to go!!! So it was transformed into this cool "metal" heart. The white plastic signage letters turned into the black letters on scrabble pieces (real Scrabble pieces don't have numbers!)

 A coat of modeling paste and some paints and inks were next. Then the "final" layout of all the little pieces. Am I happy with it? Father is this what you had in mind?  
Okay then let's glue it all down!!! 

Ta Da! It is finished by Wednesday evening - just in time to take it to Pastor Daren on Thursday (today)

He was really surprised and he looked like he really liked it (which made me happy!). He had me explain all the symbolism to him  - and I knew he would so I was prepared with a typed explanation for him. I walked out of his office to get my camera (I wanted a picture of him with it) and when I came back in he was standing there smiling just looking at it (again, this made me happy!).

 Before I left for the day he already had it hung on the wall in his office and made me pose for a picture with him and the piece - I wish I had gotten one of those pictures!

I have to say thank you to Pastor Daren for inspiring me to get back in my studio to get messy and create something 
and most especially thank you to the Holy Spirit for working through these hands of mine!

If you are at all interested in the details here are some more pictures and explanation. . . 

Element - Meaning - Verses

Seeking with my heart, praising Him with all my heart, Setting my heart on His laws, Obeying with my whole heart, and so much more!

2, 7, 10, 11, 30, 34, 36, 58, 111, 112, 145, 161

Computer Board
Remembering and storing knowledge and love of the Word.

Laws, Statutes, Precepts, Commandments, Decrees, Word. This comes from something Pastor Ray says - How do you know what is right or wrong? What is your measuring stick?
Too many to list!

Salvation and His promises
38, 41, 81, 94, 123, 166, 174

3, 14, 33, 80, 106, 166

Clocks/Clock Parts
Eternity and Everlasting, and Time
62, 89, 142, 160

Silver and Gold
72, 127

Light Bulbs
Lamp & Light

Key (Fortress)

Key (Master)
I am God's Servant
6, 11, 17, 38, 49, 65, 76, 84, 91, 125, 140, 144

Pad Locks
Learning, Understanding and Teaching
34, 100, 104, 124, 125, 130, 135, 152, 169, 171

Path, Walk, Way & Steps
1, 9, 30, 32, 33, 35, 45, 59, 101, 105, 133

You will notice that there are two hearts, 1 BIG heart and one little heart. The Big heart represents God's love for us and the little heart is ours. 

I will be back soon with some more Sermon notes to share. . .
till we meet again. . . 
Be blessed and Be a blessing!!!!

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