Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Only 182 Days Till Christmas!

That's right. And as you all know it comes faster and faster each year! I told you I would be teaching some classes that you can use as Christmas presents, here is #2.
It is a 2010 planner book. The vintage flower images are by Cavellini. There is some subtle stamping throughout the book as well as lots of inking. Each month is divided with 2 Flower images and has a box calendar and notes page. This would be a great gift. Heck, it would be great to keep for yourself as well! If you want to see some of the inside pages just click on the photo below.
Besides finishing up this planner I have been working on Monkey's doll cradle. I got it all finished and purchased the fabric for the bedding. I will get some pictures up as soon as I finish it all. It is really cute!
I have also been nursing a very old, sick dog. Poor Sugar just seems to get worse every day. Monday I woke up to messes all over the house and she was just so sick. Thankfully our neighbor is a vet and was willing to pop over to check on her. He gave her some anti-diareal meds and some antibiotics. She is feeling better now but still I know I wont have her for long.
Bryanna was in the hospital last Thursday - they thought she had blood clots in her lungs. Thankfully again it turned out to just be a really bad case of pluerisey. I can't tell you how worried I was. It just doesn't matter how old they get - they are always your babies!!!!
Today Monkey and I went to Story Time at the library again. We go every Wednesday morning now. She just loves it and I just love taking her. I am truly a LUCKY WOMAN!!!!

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