Friday, June 12, 2009

Thankful for a crappy Day!!!!!

That's right - I am thankful I had a crappy day yesterday!
Yesterday I started my day hungry and thirsty because I had to fast for my blood work at my Dr appt. But I don't typically eat alot in the morning so that wasn't too bad. But I do have an ice cold caffine and sugar laiden Pepsi every morning as soon as I wake up. Not yesterday I didn't!
I got to the Dr's office and it was packed! This was a new Dr for me (my daughter loves her and thought I would too since my Dr doesn't accept our new ins) I signed in, paid my co-pay and waited. And waited. And waited some more. At 11:45 my name was called (my appt was at 10:30) and I was ushered back to the little waiting room (that's what I call the exam room). There I waited a while longer for the Dr to show her face. She pops in nice as can be until. . . I let her know I only wanted to get the required blood work I needed for my ins and didn't want to come back for a well woman's exam. That really set her off! She got so upset and mad at me that she was litterally pounding on the keys of her laptop as she typed her notes! She actually went on a tyraid about how foolish I was and kept saying "I have to put some kind of code on here (paperwork) what would you like me to put"!!!!! She was actually red in the face as she "talked" to me. I almost walked out of there and told her that I would find a new Dr. But she already had my $25 co-pay and I had already fasted. We never talked about anything other than how foolish I was and how she could not understand me. She told me over and over again "you are making no sense, I can't understand you". Finally she let me out of the little room and sent me to get my blood drawn. I was never so thankful to get stuck in my whole life!
So I leave there with the beginnings of a headache and head off to Chic-fil-a for some much needed nurishment. What a line in the drive thru! Oi Vey!!!! Finally I get my food and start driving home. I decided I would go ahead and get my hair cut off today and that maybe that would make me feel better about my awful Dr appt? I popped in and the gal I like to cut my hair was in and had time - good sign, right? We talk about what I want and she measures my hair to see if I had enough to be donated to Locks of Love - nope 2" short. I had 8" taken off!!!! But I left happy, excited almost to go home and take a shower and do my new do. Well, the excitemnet quickly faded into frustration and feelings of regret. What have I done to myself!?! I tried it curly. I tried it straight. I tried it towards my face and back from my face. I HATED IT!!!!!!
By now my head is really pounding and I feel like crap. Did I mention that I had been having hot flashes so severly all day as well? Well, I had and they were not getting any better. I finally decided that the only thing to do was to crawl into bed with some ice packs, an ice cold pepsi and some cold fresh fruit and just lie there and feel sorry for myself. And that is exactly what I did.
As I laid there bemoaning my crappy day I found myself telling God "thank you". I realized that I could not remember the last time I had had a truly crappy day. I have days were I had a headache that lasted all day. I have had days when I have been sick. I have had days that I argued with my Mother or with Lizzy, but none of those things were crappy days - just crappy things that happened in a day. Is any of this making sense to you?
I realized laying there how truly blessed and lucky I am!!!! I have a happy life and I have great days! I get to spend my days with Monkey just playing with and loving her. I get to spend my evenings and weekends with my best friend Gary. I get to spend my spare time with my art, creating things that bring me joy and teaching classes so that other people can create too. I have a great house, health, enough food and money to pay our bills. I am surrounded by love and happiness everyday!
So, I am thankful for a crappy day! It makes me human. It makes me take stock of what all I really do have. So, today my friends I wish for you a "crappy day". That's right, a crappy day. Not so crappy that you are hurt by it, just crappy enought to remind you of all the things you do have.

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFULLY PUT MARTA! This is my most favorite BLOG! Thanks so much for writing it!! Gotta see the hair!