Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still Crazy!!!

That's right - I am nuts and I am okay with it. I am still slaving away over my digital files. I got 75 CDs full of images loaded onto my PC, got them all organized and have over half of those organized digital files burned onto new CDs. I am feeling pretty good about my progress. Unfortunately I still have another whole binder of Monkey's pictures! And that is ALOT of photos!!!!! As I have been burning them onto the new discs I have been typing a log of exactly what images are on each disc. I am sure this will really help me find the photos I am looking for when I need them.
I must say it is really fun getting to see all of these photos again. It is so fun to remember all of these moments. It is great fun to see my Sugar Marie again as the strong, vibrant, pretty dog she used to be. It is fun to see the old house and the yard and the gardens we planted there. It is fun to see all of the wedding pictures from Bryanna's wedding. It is amazing to see the photos of this new house when it was only a dirt lot.
Here's a small sampling of the photos I am loving. . .

Building our new house - Nov 2006
Bryanna's Dress Fitting Jan 2006

My Beautiful Iris from my Friendship Garden at the old house

My Sugar Marie on the wall - YES, I said on the wall. Since she was 10 weeks old she has climbed and walked on walls. She is 16 now and can barely walk on the floor without falling. I miss my old Sugar!

But isn't she a proud and beautiful dog here?
Also, if you are interested, I am still wihout AC!!!! Hopefully tomorrow???? If not tomorrow we will have to go the whole weekend without. Yuck!
Oh well - I hope you all are having a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend. We have a birthday party on Sat and I have my travel album class on Sunday.
Well, back to my digi files
Toodle loo!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marta, I couldn't find your email listed anywhere and I was wondering if you could email me back because I have a couple questions abour your Pieces of Me book. Thank you, Dana