Thursday, June 4, 2009

Am I Crazy or What????

I have decided that I have nothing better to do with my time. So yesterday I started loading ALL of my digital photo back-up CD's onto my computer. YES, that's right ALL of them! I have 100's of them. But I have found that even though I really made an effort to back-up my photos in an organized matter, I have realized I have not. I am sick to death of searching and searching for a photo I need. Hence forth why I am doing this. A few months back when my SIL built my new PC for me he asked me "do you want it big or OBSCENLY BIG"? I went for OBSCENLY BIG! So now that I have all of this space (a terrabyte) I guess I can do thsi without slowing down my PC too much. I am hoping that within a week I will have all of my images neatly organized and backed up again. I found as I was loading all of my images that I have somehow lost 2 years worth of Christmas photos and some other random pictures. Breaks my heart. Thank goodness I always back things up in three places:
1. Costco online (edited images)
2. CD (edited images)
3. CD (SOOC)
You never know what might happen and it would be so sad to lose photos that you love. Thankfully the ones I lost are on Costco and unedited on a CD. I hope this will inspire you to make sure your precious photos are all backed up.
On another note, it was 106 out today and one of our AC's went out!!! Yeppers that right - and it is no fun to have a hot house and hot flashes all at the same time! Thankfully Gary has someone coming out 1st thing in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it will be a quick and inexpensive fix! We have Monkey for the night tonight too (her daddy had his wisdom teeth pulled today - ouch!) I am glad the AC that is still running cools the bedrooms. I would hate to have her (or the rest of us) miserable all night.
So that is all of my borning news for today. I hope you all had a great day and that it was nice and cool where you are today.

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