Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catching up

Hey Friends - just catching up with everyone quickly here.
Life is great I am keeping so busy with my Monkey and the family. I have also been busy online planning Lizzy's 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas. It is tradition that I take the girls to Las Vegas on their 21st birthdays. This December is Lizzy's turn. When I am not with my family or online making reservations, I am locked away in my studio creating. Below you can see some of what I have been creating.

This is the latest book. . .
Of course it is made with ALL G-45 papers (you know I love them). Lots of flips, folds and pull outs in this handmade book. It includes Genealogical fan charts as well as photos of my family, starting with my grandaughter and going back to my Great-grandparents. There are 2 sections to the book. The right side is "My Past" it is divided up by my Mom's side of the family on one side and my Dad's on the other. Inside the front cover (left side) is my "present & future". Be watching the calendar at The Creative Quest for the date of this class. You can click on the photo here to see the rest of the book.
This is the "before" photo of the cradle I told you I was working on for Monkey.

This is the "after" picture. I still don't have the bedding made, but the fabrics are all purchased. You can se them in the bottom left of the photo here.

Lastly I had to share this picture of Monkey from yesterday. She kept telling me she did NOT want to take a nap. She was happy and playing well so I let her be the judge of how tired she was. She had been playing on "Kong" the monkey, laughing and talking to her "meow meow" (toy lion) and all of a sudden it was just quiet. I looked up from what I was doing and she was sound asleep on Kong! When I came back with my camera the dogs had all circled around her as if to protect her. She slept there for about 45 min. I have NEVER seen this child just fall asleep right where she's at. She must have been really tired!!!

Speaking of tired - that's what I am now - talk to you all soon. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!!!!

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Eva said...

I absolutely LIVE for every one of your posts! Love the book and cradle, you always leave me wanting more!!!!!