Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

WOW! This week just flew by! I can hardly believe that it is already Friday! I have been looking back at my week and wondering where it went to and what all I accomplished. So far I can't see that I got a whole heck of alot done! I can tell you one thing for sure, my time was not spent cleaning the floors or dusting. I didn't even take very many pictures this week. But I did manage to get a few. While I was looking them over, these 3 really stood out to me. Not because they are stellar images, but just because of what they are. . .My Life. . .My Family. . .My Joy.
So here ya go - my favorite photos for the week. . .

*The 1st one is of my "baby" Lizzy with Vittoria. Look at that smile on Monkey's face as her Aunt Lizzy gallops around the house with her on her shoulders.

*The middle photo is kinda blurry but I love it still. Monkey is cutting teeth right now and she was just so unhappy on Wednesday. But for just a few minutes she dropped off to sleep on my Mother's bed. When I walked in and saw her I just had to grab my camera. She just looked so peaceful.

*The last one just makes me smile - she had her very first piece of toast on Tuesday, complete with butter & strawberry perserves. She is growing up so fast!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the 1st session of my photography class. This is the 1st time in ages that I have been nervous about a class, not sure why I am so nervous? My new rolling cart is all packed up and sitting by the door, so I guess I am prepared. Wish me luck! I will pop in tomorrow after class and share how it all went.

I hope you all have great plans for this weekend and get to spend it with the peple you love, making memories!

Quote of the Day

"Creativity requires quite a lot of faith- not just in yourself but also in the knowledge that you have the right to proceed, even when you may not know exactly what you're doing.
- Twyla Tharp

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