Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today I am trying very hard to be “happy” . I am feeling a bit overwhelmed today and am “hung over” from yesterday’s migraine (that I am afraid is going to come back). It seems I have way too many things to get accomplished this week and not nearly enough days to do it all in. Each thing on my “to do” list seems to have a quickly approaching deadline. Oh well, it will all get done right? I am hoping the “Tax Fairy” will be arriving here tonight to do our taxes for us. If she shows up that will be a big relief to me. . . But somehow I don’t have a lot of faith that this will happen.

I tend to procrastinate when I get overwhelmed and end up doing things that DON’T need to be done instead. This morning was one of those times for me. I decided to finish up my 7 Gypsies book I started on Saturday at Kathie’s class. And guess what. . . I got it all finished! (if only doing taxes were so enjoyable I would have had them done ages ago!!!!!) If you want to take a peek at it here it is. I filled it with photos from my San Francisco trip this past October. I didn’t do photos of people - instead I did all buildings, landscapes and touristy stuff. I even hand wrote in this one - something I HATE to do!!!! (Click on Photo to see the pages)

Well, I guess I better get to work. I hope you are all having a
GREAT Tuesday!!!!!!!

Quote of the Day:
Creativity is a celebration of one’s grandeur, one’s sense of making anything possible.
--Joseph Zinker

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