Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a FANTASTIC Day!!!!!

I spent almost the entire day at The Creative Quest today and I had a BLAST!!!!! I left the house at 8:30am and did not get back home until almost 7:00pm! I taught the 1st session of my photography class from 10 - 1 today. At 2:00 Kathy was teaching a 7Gypsies travel book, and she graciously allowed me to stay and take the class even though I was not registered. It has been a long time since I actually took a class and it felt so good to just sit there and play with a project that someone else came up with. Of course in typical "Marta Style" I changed the papers I used on the project. I think Kathy almost expects me to do that now - sorry Kathy and thank you! Also typical for me is that I talk too much, ink too much and smoke too much and didn't finish my project before I left the store. But after I got home and ate dinner with the family, I got started back on it and it is just about finished. I can't wait to print the pictures for it!

While I was working in my studio I heard my computer say "You've Got Mail" I rolled over to check it out and I had the loveliest email from one of the ladies from my class today. You know who you are - and thank you so much!!!! It is not often that I get one of those emails but they just light me up inside when I get them!

Lizzy got home early tonight (by 9:30 - unheard of!) and came in and visited with me while I worked on my project. While we were visiting she asked me if I would mind letting Mom take care of Vittoria one day this week so that she and I could go out on a photography shoot together! She needs to shoot 10 rolls of film of abandoned buildings for her college photography final. This sounds like GREAT FUN to me! I guess we are heading to Black Canyon City and then to down town Phoenix this week. She has a few weeks to get ths all done so we are going to try to get up to Jerome on a Sunday in the next couple of weeks as well. It has been just ages since the two of us have spent any real time together. So of course there was no way I was going to turn down such an invitation.

Like I said before, what a fantastic day! Unfortunately tomorrow wont be near as much fun. I still have not done our taxes, so that is what I will be doing tomorrow. Poor me!
Well I hope you all are having a Super Fantastic weekend too (and I hope you have your taxes done already and don't have to stress over them anymore).
Talk to you soon. . .

Quote of the Day

Let your creative spirit rush - flow - tumble - leak - spring - bubble - stream - dribble - out of you.

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