Monday, April 21, 2008

SUPER Grammie!!!

What a FUN day I had today! I got up bright and early this morning (5am) and got started. I got some cleaning up done first thing and updated my photography blog so I could have the whole day to play with Monkey. I had some "surprises" for her!
She got here just before I finished, so Mom fed her while I did some "Super Grammie" stuff. Saturday I bought her a new toy - a Monkey Walker! That's right - it is a walker with monkeys all over the seat and on the toy tray, They even make monkey sounds! Of course toys like this don't come "put together" so you have to "build" them. So while she had breakfast I built the monkey walker. OMGoodness did she love it!!!!

She just flew down the driveway and down the sidewalk. She was everywhere.

And since she is only 8months old she doesn't understand the dangers of going in the street, so finally I had to take her and the monkey walker inside to play. It was a good thing because her socks were getting really dirty outside.
When I got her inside and took her socks off, her feet were so dirty Mom gave her a bath. Then it was time to fly around the house in her new toy. And that is exactly what she did!!!!

While Mom bathed her I went back out to the garage for more Super Grammie stuff. Two weeks ago Lizzy ran over her stroller and so Saturday I bought her a new stroller also. They don’t come put together either! The last stroller Gary had to put together for me because I couldn’t make heads or tails of the instructions. But I got this one done in record time and didn’t throw anything, say any un-Grammie like words or make myself bleed! Amazing!
I was so proud of myself I had to put her in it for a stroll around the house. She loved it, it sits up better than her old one did. She liked it so much that Mom took her for a walk around the block.

But I guess all of that walking and strolling wore her out. Look at how Mom brought her home to me. . .Knocked Out!
She had a nice nap and lunch and then us two girls headed off to Target. Time to get some new shoes to wear in her walker (trying to keep her feet clean). Of course that’s not all we bought! We had a great time shopping. It was just a great day together. I truly LOVE my little Monkey and I truly love buying stuff for her. What a blessing she is in my life!!!!!

Quote of the Day:
Creativity is a journey not a destination.

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