Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day!

So. . . did you all have corned beef and cabbage today? Drink a green beer? Did you wear green today? Remember being a kid at school and getting pinched if you didn’t wear green on St Patrick’s Day?
St Patty’s Day was a BIG day in our house when I was growing up. My parents always threw a party on that day. It was the only day of the year my Mother allowed alcohol in our house, and she would serve ONE glass of green beer to her guests. She made lots of food and it was all green too, and if possible, cut out with her shamrock cookie cutter! Having said all of that I was very surprised today when she wasn’t wearing any green! I had to take the opportunity to pinch her. . . hard!

I Saw God Today
I was lucky and I saw God twice today! Sadly I was only able to catch an image of one of them. So I fudged a little and took another picture to represent the one I missed.

I Saw God Today. . . Monday - Photo #1

Today was supposed to be another rainy, cold day according to the weatherman (what does he know?). So you can imagine my surprise and excitement this morning when I went outside and saw this! The sky was the prettiest blue, the clouds so white and fluffy, and the yard just looked like a park to me. The sun was shinning and it was warm and breezy and I thought to myself “what a lucky woman I am”! I knew that I had seen God!

I Saw God Today. . . Monday - Photo #2

Later this afternoon Vittoria was playing in my arms. She was just laughing and “talking” and having a great time. Then all of a sudden she got real still, and quiet and snuggled up to me. Within minutes she was sound asleep in my arms (something she never does). As I looked down at her peaceful little face and those dark eyelashes I realized that this was true joy. Perfection in human form. How could life get any better than this? Once again I thought to myself “what a lucky woman I am”! In this moment on my couch, with my granddaughter in my arms I knew that I had once again seen God! The only thing wrong with this moment is that I could not capture the image. It will have to live forever in my memory. When she woke from her nap and was peeking at me through the rails of her crib I captured this image as a substitute for the one I missed.

How many of you are taking my challenge? Did you see God today? Did you look? Did you get your camera out or a pen? I have had a couple gals email and tell me they are taking the challenge. I would love to hear from more of you.
Have a great day tomorrow - keep your eyes open!

Quote of the Day:
Passion is the freedom of creativity without the burden of logic. --Debbie Gisonni

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Kim said...

Hi Marta, I love... your new blog, the picture of Vittoria and your challenge. I think we see God just by waking up each morning, but I will now be more in tune to watching for the really special moments. The final photo you used for the blog page looks great.