Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Rockin' Christmas. . .

Hey everyone - remember awhile back I said I planned on being ALL DONE with my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving day? Well, I am almost done. I only have 2 or 3 more gifts to buy and a few handmade gifts left to finish. Can you believe it?!

Tonight I started working on Monkey's rocker. It still has a long way to go, but I did manage to get it all sanded (twice with 2 different grits of sand paper) and I have 2 coats of sealer on it. I hope to get it painted this weekend. The plan right now is for it to be pink, white and green with little hearts on it. I also need to get the fabric to make a cushion for it. Anyhoo, I hope she will really like it. Right now she has no chairs in my house that are her size. I think Monkey deserves one of her own - don't you?

Some other Monkey news hot off the press today is that she has a new tooth! We are not sure when it actually came in, but I discovered it today after her nap. She was laughing so big and had her mouth opened wide, that is when I found it. The funny part is that it is a molar! She only has 6 front teeth, and we figured the next ones would be bottom front. Nope - this one is all the way back there, and very sharp!

Lizzy left for Disneyland at 6am today for her audition. There is a part of me that wishes her luck. And an even bigger part that does not. I hate the idea of her living away from home, especially in a whole other state!

Well that is pretty much all of my news for today - any BIG plans for you this weekend?

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Penny said...

I do NOT know how you manage to get so much done, girl!! You are amazing!! I haven't even THOUGHT of Christmas gifts yet!
Don't know if I should wish Lizzy good luck or not... I'll just hope it all works out the best way possible!!
Give that LMV XoXo from me!!