Monday, November 17, 2008

Finished it!!!!!

That's right - the rocker is ALL DONE! And even better than that, I am finally happy with it! I can't wait to see my Monkey sitting in it watching TV and "reading" her books. So take a look, what do you think?

I had a hard time figuring out a "theme" for her rocker. I am NOT a painter and knew I could never paint monkeys on this. So I decided to go with hearts as my theme. Then I remembered all of the monkey stickers I have been collecting. PERFECT!
I even had some bananas to put on the edges of the arms!

So it is all done now and ready to be put away for awhile. Today I am starting on the stool to go with it. Hopefully I have learned from the rocker and wont have as many problems with it. Maybe by tonight I will have more photos?
Have a GREAT DAY!!!!
Do something FUN today!!!


Eva said...

OMG, Marta....that is the stinkin cutest rocker!!! How lucky is she to have such a talented Grandmother. That is so precious! I'm working on my Christmas, but I'm no where close to catching up with you.

Penny said...

Marta... this is awesome! I'm loving the colors... how happy and bright they are! Perfect for LMV!! Can't wait till after Christmas to see a photo of her in it!! What a scrappin' moment that will be!!

Anonymous said...

And I get the pleasure of keeping it at my house! I stare at it every morning in my gym! Bring the foot stool and ribbon holder over too! Not sure if you will get the items back! Cant promise you that!