Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rocker Update. . .

This rocker almost ended up in the TRASH Saturday!!!!!
That's right! I was so frustrated with this thing I almost threw it away. But two things kept going through my mind -
1. The $$$ I had invested in it
2. I HATE to give up! I hate for something to beat me!!!!!!
So these two thoughts drove me to get it done!
Let me tell you what it was that was making me so crazy. Friday afternoon I started painting it and the paint just would not go on! And in the places where it did go on were thick and chunky. It just looked horrible! I finally put it aside and went shopping with Bryanna & Monkey. Saturday morning I got up hoping that it really wasn't as bad as I thought and could continue. NOPE! It was just as horrible as I remembered! I tried to take a close up of it to show you, it's not the best picture but you get the idea. I tried to paint it a little more and still it just looked awful and continued to make me upset. Mom tried to be nice and tell me it wasn't that bad, but I knew it was. I also knew I could never give this hideous thing as a Christmas gift. This is where the trash can idea came into play. Finally I decided to sand the whole thing down again and start fresh.
So, that is what I did most of the morning and afternoon. I got it all sanded and bought new paint and started ALL OVER. This was a GREAT idea! I could not believe how much easier it was to go on. I also could not believe that I was finally happy with it again!
These evening I started painting some of the colors. I ask Gary for some technical advice (he used to be a painter as a profession). Once he gave me some tips he offered to do some of the painting for me (this way the gift will truly be from us both). So Gary painted the green and the lavendar. What a huge help this was for me.

Once Gary had had his fill of painting I started on the pink. This thing is turning out so sweet, it's like a big piece of candy! Tomorrow I will start on the pink stripes on the runners and the green stripes on the arms and the bottom, back rung. Who knows, I may have this finished by tomorrow night?!?

There are still some little painted, wooden hearts to go on it (I got those painted tonight also) and it will need it's varnish coat and of course some distressing. But I am feeling much better about this project. I did manage to get her name put on the back tonight - gotta love rubones!

My next update is about Lizzy. She is having fun in Disneyland. Her and Richard sent me this picture last night.

She called today and said she did well at her audions and made it all the way through the cuts. She will get a letter in the next two weeks letting her know if she will be getting the internship at DL. Also when she called today she told me that they may not come home tomorrow. The fires in CA are burning very close to them and they have shut down all the freeways to get out of town. She said it is so bad that while drinking a glass of water outside today she got ash in her glass! She also said that Disney had to close down ToonTown because kids were getting sick from the smoke and passing out etc. (apparently the fire's smoke and ash were coming right in there because the fires are so close! So tonight I am asking that you all say a prayer for my Lizzy and her BF Richard, that they get home safely.
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and getting to do something fun and creative by yourself or with someone you love!

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