Sunday, November 30, 2008

I gave myself a present today. . .

I made myself a Christmas journal. It's not at all traditional - but it is very "ME"! I have wanted to do this for the past couple of years but never had the time. This year since I am ahead of the holiday game I took the time out just for me. You can click on the photo to see the pages inside and all of the details.

I have not forgotten the Thanksgiving Day post - that will hopefully come tomorrow. I have lots of photos that I want to add and have not edited them yet. But I must say that it was a GREAT Day!!!! I hope yours was full of blessings and family too.

More tomorrow - enjoy the remainder of your holiday weekend!

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Eva said...

Marta I love it! It just sings Christmas to me, but I love pears and they are Christmas, imo. As usual I leave in awe of your work. Thanks so much for sharing.