Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No More Painting!

That's right, I have put away all of my paints and brushes. But I thought I'd share these last two projects with you. Yeppers, they are Christmas presents. And Yeppers they are both for my Monkey.

This 1st one is the foot stool to go with her rocker. Nothing fancy, but I still think it is cute. I am not sure if you can tell or not, but the top is shaped like a heart.
This next item is fun and practical. I think Monkey's Mom will like this more than Monkey will.
It is a hair bow holder. No more searching through baskets for the perfect hair ornament - they will now all be neatly clipped on the long ribbons here! I put some of her bows from my house on the ribbons just for the photo so you could see what it was. This will sure be handy when it is hanging on her wall in her bedroom! And it will be pretty too - I made sure to make it match her room.

This is my Monkey trying to immitate her Gramie! She was so fascinated by my painting this morning that I brushed a little paint on her hands (just like mine). She seemed to want more so I painted a "V" on her belly. That was way too much fun for her, so I handed her a clean paint brush. That was even more FUN for her! She ran all over the house "painting" everything and everyone.
She is so stinkin' CUTE and SMART! She is immitating everything we do now. If you cough, she coughs. If you yell at the dogs, she yells at the dogs. If you are painting, she is "painting". It is just so exciting to watch her learn and explore everything. I am so blessed that her parents trust me to have her everyday to enjoy!


Eva said...

You are so blessed to get to spend your days with Monkey. I absolutely loved that age with my girls. Thats the stage that I miss the most!

Penny said...

Glad to see you've got it all finished... now what will you create?? There's still lots of time before Christmas... I'm sure you will come up with something GREAT!

LMV gets cuter every time I see her photo!

Thanks for the glimpse into your days!