Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's HERE. . .

That's right - it is officially the Holidays! It is time to cook, shop and basically wear your yourself out trying to do "it all". And that's NOT a bad thing. I love the holidays! But I did see a sign the other day at Kirkland's (love that store!) and it said
"Simplify Christmas. . . Celebrate Christ!"
Sadly I think that is something we all need to take time to remember. It is not about presents, Santas, cookies, etc.
But no matter what, I know we will all take our turn at getting too busy and a little overwhelmed this season. But at the same time I know we will all be making memories and enjoying the things we do to make Christmas our own.
Enjoy the ride!!!
Today we started getting things ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We will be hosting it this year. It will be the regular players, plus my Son-in-law's sister's family will be joinging us. It is going to be FUN! Lizzy helped me put up the tree today (I have a bum arm right now) so that we can decorate it after dinner Thursday evening. It made me realize how big my baby is - I always put the tree up by myself without help. Today she did it and I just told her how to do it. This weekend I hope to get some pictures posted for you to see of our tree and our family at the Thanksgiving table. I hope you will all being having a FULL TABLE this year. Full of family and friends you love. Full of good food. Full of thankfulness. Keep your camera handy!
Since I didn't get pictures of anything I did today I figured I'd share some from this past week with you . . .

This is Monkey and Grandpa reading at her new "big girl" table and chairs! She really does look like a BIG GIRL here! Don't mind that her feet don't touch the ground, her Mom is 26 and her feet still don't touch the ground when she sits in a chair!!!!
Gary's family started a new "tradition" this year - making ornaments for each family's tree. So Sunday afternoon the girls gathered around my kitchen island and got theirs done. Of course we had to go to Michael's 1st to get them, then we had to eat, then it was time for them to raid my studio for paints and ribbons etc. But I have to tell you it was one of the best days I have had in sometime. I never get to have both of my girls with me at the same time. It reminded me of when I was raising them. It also reminded me of when they were little and I made them make their Christmas gifts each year. Good times. . .Great memories!
These are lizzy's fun and funky ornaments. . . all of them diffent colors. She was so tired by the time she finished (quite a bit after Bryanna finished and went home). But they turned out so cute!
Look at that concentration. . .
and attention to detail!
Bryanna was smart - snowflakes with a little hint of blue on the edges! Although she made 10x the mess with her 2 colors of paints as Lizzy did with her 10 colors!
Here she is with all of her finished snowflakes. . .
I guess Lizzy, or Uncle Larry as we call her, didn't feel she had enough to paint. This is evident when you see poor Monkey's belly! Poor baby, everytime she walked past Uncle Larry added a little more paint to her belly!
This is a book I started yesterday. I got it finished this afternoon. It is a Christmas gift for my SIL. She doesn't look at my blog so I was able to post it. If you click on the photo you can see the inside of the book.
Well friends, it is 3am and I have more Thanksgiving chores to do tomorrow so I will say goodnight for now.
Have a FANTASTIC Turkey Day

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