Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Weather Update. . .

Well, it is cloudy and cold just like they predicted. It is only 55 degrees right now - unheard of for April in AZ!!! I got up sorta early today but haven't managed to get much done - a little laundry, started dinner and cleaned the toilet. I tried to clean the whole bathroom but that was a bust. I messed up my faucet on my sink so the sinks and counters are only partially done. Can't find my Windex, only Mom's super strong vinegar mixture that just left a mess on my mirrors. Finally I just gave up and didn't even try to clean the tub or shower.
Typical cold cloudy day for me - I want to get stuff done just can't seem to get anything accomplished. I have had a headache ALL week - it started out as a migrain on Sunday - really bad. Now it just continues to hurt. This does not help my focusing/accomplishing problems any.
On a totally different note, I was wondering if any of you know about or are following along with Ali Edwards "A Week In The Life" challenge? I really wish I had decided earlier to do this - I think I might just give it a try at the beginning of May. Actually since I have been following along I would really like to do a similar project I'd like to call "A Year In The Life". We will see how "My Week" goes and then I will decide on committing to a whole year. Becky Higgins does one called "365 Project Life" where she documents everyday of the year in photos and words. I cannot commit to something that big! But I have some ideas rolling around in my head. If it wasn't cloudy and cold maybe I could act on some of those - LOL. If you have a minute check out Ali's link - it is really kind of fun what she has going there.
So anyhoo - that's my day so far. No sewing, maybe tonight??? For now I think I will go stretch out on the couch and try to make my head feel better.
Have a great day friends!!!!!

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