Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Okay - I realize it is NOT Mother's Day yet and that it actually does not come until NEXT Sunday but, I wanted to show you what I made my Mom for Mother's Day.
After altering the box the other day I decided to do another one for my Mom. She still has her baby blocks from when she was a baby. She is only missing one block out of the set! That is pretty amzing since she is gonna be 75 years old this year!!!
Sadly her precious blocks have been sitting in a shoe box for as long as I can remember. I decided it was high time that these treasures deserved a pretty box to sit in. So you can see below the box and a few of her blocks in the background.
The box is only 8" tall so I had to do a little finagling to get the tree with it's perfect quote on there in the right spot. But I think it turned out perfectly. The little blue flowers are ones I made, and they mimic the cute little blue flowers on the paper. I also added distress crackle to all of the flowers to make them hard so they would not get ruined over the years. The 3 little dresses, the garden gal and the teapot & creamer are mounted on chipboard to add a little dimension to the front of the box. It is hard to tell in the photo.
I bought some little wooden blocks at Mikes and beat them up and inked them and added a little distress crackle to them to embellish the box lid. I also made a little blue rose to tuck in between. The teapot & creamer are mounted on chipboard to add a little dimension to the top

I lined the inside of the box as well and added a library pocket & a bi-fold tag in there that I hope my Mom will take the time to write the story of the blocks on (both made on my Cricut). I used an old epoxy letter "C" on the top of the tag (my Mom's name is Catherine) and stamped a simple quote on there as well. I really hope Mom is gonna like this - she lives with us and was quite annoyed with me last night when I kept the studio door locked and wouldn't tell her what I was doing in there!
If you want to see more detailed photos you can click on the first photo and it will take you to more pix.
It is gonna be a creative end to the week for me. I started and finished Mom's box yesterday. Today I am taking a class. And tomorrow I am teaching a class. Lots of paper, glue and ink in my life - just the way I like it!!!
Sunday I will probably be with my kids helping them move, unpack and clean at the new house!
I hope you have some great plans for the weekend. I'll be back soon. . .

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bevb said...

absolutely beautiful. She should be very proud to have all but one of her blocks.
She will love it for sure