Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Stitch In Time

I am at it again - working on my new grandbaby's nursery. I have lots of pieces to get done and she will be here before I know it! Today I started on the dust ruffle. I have been at it for hours and I am not done but it is looking good. I need to be really careful on this piece because of all of the very straight horizontal lines on this piece. Gotta make sure they all match up. Thankfully there are no gathers on this one - just nice clean box pleats. Just thought I'd show you some pix of what I have gotten done so far. I can't wait til I can take a picture of the Nursery all finished!!!
Who am I kidding - I can't wait to take pictures of the nursery totally complete. . .with a new, beautiful baby sleeping in it!

As tired as I am tonight all I hear is the voice of a friend, Sandy in my ears. . ."Marta, you know that whatever you do for the 1st grandbaby you MUST do for all of the others!" This is probably the last one from my oldest daughter - but I have another daughter. I hope I am not too old or too tired when her babies come along to do all of this!

Well, I am off to bed. Gotta get a good night's sleep so I can continue sewing tomorrow! It is supposed to be cold and rainy (that means in the high 60's here in AZ) so if I can get motivated (always a crap shoot when it's raining for me) it should be a good day to stay inside and sew.

I hope you all had a great day today and an even better one tomorrow!


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