Sunday, April 4, 2010


I hope you all are getting ready to celebrate this amazing holiday with your family and friends that you love. I am trying to get everything ready for the crowd that will be coming to our house today. As much fun as the egg hunts, candy and ham are I hope you have the opportunity to pause and remember what a truly amazing gift that was given to ALL of us 2000 years ago.
I was reading my email this morning, and just like every Sunday I get the online ad for Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Of course I checked them both for coupons but was very surprised when I opened the ad for Hobby Lobby. The very first thing on their ad was a holiday message it looked like a chalk board with this written on it. . . "A Slate Wiped Clean" and had 3 crosses drawn below it. I was amazed and pleased that a company would make such a blatenly Christian ad when most companies stick with the safer "Hoppy Easter" and some eggs and bunnies. I followed the link on that ad which brought me HERE - WOW!!!!They do these holiday messages for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Independance day each year in every newspaper they advertise in. Not only that, they also add another link/section for you to contact someone if you want to know more about Jesus and the salvation He offers! I am really impressed and will certainly share my craft dollars with this company more often.
God Bless you my friends and Happy Ressurection Day!!!

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