Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!!!

That's right - my neighborhood just got a little more beautiful! My oldest daughter and her family just bought a house (with the help of my Mom) right down the street from us! Saturday they will officially be our neighbors!
Today the painters were there and the entire house got a fresh coat of paint - it looks beautiful. We all went over to check out the fresh paint and then we ALL came back to our house for dinner. How fun and easy it will be when my new grandbaby arrives now - just a quick walk or drive down the street to help out or just give a hug. The holidays will be more fun now and just everything will be easier when we want to get together. I am just over joyed!!!!
Here are just a quick couple of photos from tonight. . .

I also wanted to show you a couple new creations of mine. . .
This is an oval hat box I made on Sunday. After a week long migrain I just needed to get in my studio to create, relax and just play. This is the result of this playtime
I made some handmade roses for my box and I just love how they turned out. They were the perfect finishing touch. I just love making flowers these days!
I even finished the insides of the box too. I have no idea what I will be doing with this box - but I sure had fun making it! If you want to see more detailed images just click n the first photo and it will take you to more pictures.
This next creation is another style of paperbag book. It is a travel journal and I will be teaching this class on June 11th.
It has 5 paper bags in it with photo mats on the out the oustside of the bags and these little folders that pull out of the bags for you to journal about your trip. There is also room in the bags to keep your mementos or photos.
Click on the photo below for images of all of the pages in the book.

It's gonna be a busy weekend around here this week - I am taking a class on Friday, teaching a class on Saturday and helping with the move on Sunday! I spent most of the day today building kits for Saturday's class. Kits are LOTS of work to put together, but it always gives me a good sense of accomplishment when I finish them up and get everything cleaned up.

Typically I am the one teaching classes, but this year I made a promise to myself that I would start TAKING more classes. It's only April and I have already taken 4! Well two of them were photography classes that were several days long, but still. This morning I signed up for yet another class! Teresa Collins is coming to Prescott on May 13th and teaching a class with her new travel papers. So I will be making a drive up the hill with my dear friend Judie and be hanging out with Teresa - hahaha. I will be sure to take my camera and get some photos.

I hope you are all finding your own ways to feed the creative side of yourself this year - give it a try - it really feeds your soul and feels good too!

Enjoy the rest of your week friends. . .


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Penny said...

What GREAT news, Marta!! OMGosh!!! I really envy having your daughter & family so close to home! What a perfect life!!! Your creations are as stunning as ever! Love your colors and those roses are to die for!!