Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Thought I'd Share...

a few pix from Easter at our house.

Of course there is always plenty of good food and lots of family to share that with
Of course there is always an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids - they love it and get quite competative!

Here is "Uncle Larry" & My Monky all dressed up in their Easter dresses as they hunt for eggs and other goodies in the yard

Once everything has been found the kids all run back to their parents to show off all of their loot

My Monkey has learned to share this really "cute" fake smile when you take her picture

This year we had a fun new guest, Ann. She came to AZ just to take some of my classes. I was so honored and I could not bare the thought of her being alone in a strange state for the holiday. I was glad she accepted my invitation. Ann is so outgoing and easy to talk to - she just made herself at home and part of the family.
It was a great day - the weather was great - the food was great - the family was perfect!!!!
So what did you do for Easter? I hope you had a great day and made lots of memories!

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Anonymous said...

just love your site tried to leave a comment on your flowers but had a lot of trouble I must be doing something wrong
I hope you get this and send me directions on how to make the folwers thank you ever so much Linda TazStarks1@yahoo.com