Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's All Over Now. . .

Everyone has opened their gifts, eaten too much and spent time with family and friends (hopefully). Now we all sigh and sigh of releif that it's over and secrectly wish it wasn't. But that is the joy of Christmas. Soon enough we will all be busy trying to get everything done by the "Big Day" once again.
I am looking forward to next Christmas already. Next year I will have two Grandbabies to spoil. Hopefully baby #2 will be a healthy baby boy. Bryanna had an ultrasound on Christmas Eve and we now know the due date - Aug 3rd. That's right, Aug 3rd, one day after Monkey's birthday!!!! How does that happen? With 365 days in a year she has to have a due date that puts both of her baby's birthdays only a day apart.
Well, it's getting late and I should get into bed. I hope you all had a GREAT CHRISTmas and that you have a fantastic New Year planned. I know I do. One filled with the expectancy of a new baby, spending time with my family and even some new classes. Stay tuned, some time this week I will be posting pictures of my first 2010 class - "Ladies Home Journal".

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Eva said...

Hey my friend! I'm so glad to hear that you had a good Christmas. Funny about the Grands being due one day apart. My husband and his sister are one day apart. Two on mine have the same birthday. Crazy how that works! Hope your New Year's is amazing, as are you. Miss talking with ya!