Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deck The Halls. . .

Yeppers that is what we did tonight! It was great fun - There was Bryanna & Monkey, Lizzy & Addison, Gary, Mom & Myself. We all had dinner and then they dove right in and started decorating the tree.

Tradition says that Mom hangs her sleeping angle on the tree first before anything else goes on. Mom has done this same thing for 50 years!!!

Monkey was excited to find a "Bob-Bob" or as you and I know him, Sponge-Bob ornament at teh top of the box. She wasn't quite sure what to do with him but she was happy to just hold him. Finally we got her to hang him on the tree. Hopefully he will stay on there for the next couple of weeks!

So here are all of my busy little elves making our tree beautiful!

What a pair! This is Addison & Liz. This is only the 2nd Christmas he has ever celebrated. It was fun to watch him get right in there and help and actually enjoy himself.

Here is my Monkey again wanting so bad to help decorate.

Uncle Larry (Lizzy) gave her a little boost so she could hang a decoration up high.

We did have a couple of accidents along the way tonight. This is the orniment I got at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Lizzy. I'm not sure I can put her back together. But I will give it a try!

Monkey decided the Christmas CD we were listening too wasn't quite merry enough adn played a little piano for us

Last Spring when I went to San Francisco with Darwin & Bryanna, Darwin bought me this sexy construction worker mermaid orniment at a little shop on the wharf. It was super expensive (almost $50) and super goofy! But we had seen it in the window and I joked that it was Gary and I should get it for our tree. Gary thought it was totally rediculous when I broughtit home and showed it to him, and said it was NOT going on our tree! Well, I had Monkey bring it out to him tonight and he didn't put up fight. I had Bryanna take a quick photo of us together with our mermaid.
We were all laughing and joking about it and I decided that he should draw his tatoos on the mermaid to really make it "Gary". So I got him a slick writer and he drew all of his tats on in the right places. Then he and the girls decided it needed a beard to make it reall "Him".
So, here is my sexy mermaid husband ornament, complete with tatoos and a beard hanging front and center on our tree!
Here is the finished product - all it needs now is some Christmas gifts under it!
Merry Christmas Friends!!!!!!

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