Sunday, December 6, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

So, here are the pictures and the story I planned to share with you tonight. . . .

Remember the pinecone bird feeders I showed you the other day? The ones that Monkey and I made together as Christmas gifts? Well, I just wanted to show you how much the birds love them. This is teh one we hung in our tree. The birds just love it! Our fence has become a cafiteria line of sorts. They line up all along the fence waiting for their turn to feed. It is just great fun to watch. I wish I could get a better picture to share but when I come out teh door the dogs bark and scare most of them away. But you get the idea.
Well now, here is the picture and story I really want to share with you tonight. . .

Yeppers, that is my Daughter, her husband and my little Monkey in front of our Christmas tree tonight. They showed up unexpectedly tonight for dinner. Which was more than fine because I cooked extras. Lizzy had asked me to make potato soup tonight for her "birthday" dinner since she would be home and Addison would be here. When they came in I was surprised and they just said they were here for dinner, that Grandma had told them I was making soup and it sounded good. I bought that. Then when we sat down to eat Bryanna only took a small portion and Darwin took none. When everyone started asking them why they weren't eating I popped up and said "because Bryanna's pregnant!!!" Everyone thought I was crazy until B&D told them it was the truth. How FUN is this!!!!!! My baby is having another baby!!! The really funny thing is that last time this happened they told everyone on Lizzy's 18th birthday celebration. They didn't want us to go to Vegas and tell us seperately so they came by tonight to tell us at dinner all together. So that is my BIG NEWS for today! I sort of wish we weren't going to Vegas tomorrow. I don't want anything to happen to Bryanna. Poor thing was so sick the whole time she was pregnant with Monkey. She threw up all the time. So friends I am going to ask you all to be praying for her that she will feel well this week and all through her pregnancy this time.
Have a great week and I will see you all later this week.

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