Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some of what has been keeping me busy. . .

Hey friends, can you believe in a week it will be all over for another year?
That's right, Christmas is right there. This is the 1st year in ages that I can remember being this far behind. I am still not finished shopping - but plan to be by Monday. Mom did our Christmas baking this morning before I got up. This is usually done way before this - but at least it got done. Thanks Mom!
Between the 2 trips and Vittoria & I being sick it just seems like I couldn't get things done this year. I did manage to get some handmade gifts done. I thought I'd show you some of what I made. I didn't get pictures taken of everything but here are the ones I did take. Thanks for being my modle Liz!!!!

This is the apron I made for my Mom - she has a 12 year old "adopted granddaughter" and she wanted me to make an apron for her this year. I think it turned out really cute with it's bright colors and cupcakes.
This is the apron I made for Monkey. She just loves to help me cook and I thought a fun Mary Englebret apron would be fun.
Look at how cute my 21 year old daughter looks in my 2 year old granddaughters apron!!!
After making the Mary E apron (which was the 1st apron I made) I decided that it would be cute to make Bryanna and Monkey matching aprons for their house. So I made these super cute "Minnie Mouse" inspired aprons for them
Tons and tons of ric rac on these!I made these little sleighs on Thursday night from stuff I had in my stash. I thought they were fun and gave me something to do. I made 3 of them but have given all but one away now.
Here is a gift I made for my Monkey - I really hope she likes it!
I bought here this fun art easle at Wally World - it is very bright with all of it's primary colors. As cute as it was, I just couldn't leave it alone. I had to alter it and add my personal touch to it.
I sanded off all of the bright laminate and painted it all black (some of you know how much I love to paint wood black!) then I got busy covering it all with Grapgic 45 papers. (I just love that stuff and have made Momnkey so many toys with it).
Here is the finished product. . . .
I even stained the ruller guides to make them match the vintage feel of the easle

I used my Cricut to make her initials so it would be personalized and added little flower embellishments along the legs.

Aint it cute? Well, I guess I should get up and get busy - Christmas is only days away now.

Thanks for popping in and seeing what I have been up to.

Merry CHRISTmas

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