Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope your new year is starting out GREAT! Mine sure is! NY Eve we had a slumber party with Monkey while her folks went out. NY Day I spent with a good friend just visiting and playing with paper. On the 2nd I got to out and shoot some engagement pictures for Kathie's daughter. We went to Lake Pleasant. It was a fun day out, Gary even joined us at the lake for our shoot. That evening I played with some more paper. Today I spent with Gary, Monkey, Bryanna & Darwin at the park. Monkey got a Tinkerbell quad and Darwin got a boche ball (sp) set, so there was fun for all of us. Tonight they stayed for dinner and Lizzy & Addison were here too. We are having another slumber party with Monkey tonight as well. So as you can see the 1st three days of my New Year have been FULL of my FAVORITE things. . . .
and FUN!!!

Here is some of the paper I have been playing with. . . it is my 1st class of the New Year - a Valentine's Day banner that turns into a book after the holiday! Upi can check out the details and photos of that happens by clicking on the picture.

I realize I told you all that my first class was going to be called "Ladies Home Journal" sadly that class sample ended up in the trash! Although it was really cute, it had some issues. Maybe later I can revive the idea????? I also have the sample ready for my 2nd class (both samples will be in the store on Monday) as soon as I get the pictures ready I will put it up here for you to see. It is an altered canvas shadow box. Super fun to make - I am ready to make a bunch of them to hang in my own house!

Well, it's getting late so I must run. Just wanted to catch up with everyone and wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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Penny said...

Hi Marta!!!

Love your new blog color! Awesome couple pics! Great job on those! V is growing up way too fast! You'll be sending her off to school before you know it. Congrats on the coming new gbaby!!! Love your newest design... and I seriously hope you rescued that project from the trash! We learn so much from our "mistakes". Wishing you and yours an awesome 2010!! LOVE seeing what you're up to...