Friday, January 29, 2010

Greetings From Sunny Arizona!!!!

Well, it really hasn't been that sunny lately. Last week we got more rain than we had all year last year! This week it cleared up a bit, but we got a little more rain today. And with it was one of the most beautiful and vivid rainbows I've ever seen! It was just about sunset when it appeared and I ran inside to get my camera and car keys (wanted to drive out of the neighborhood so I didn't have houses in the pix) and the phone started ringing - dang, I needed to hurry before the moment was over and the light was worse than it already was! It was Gary telling me to get my camera and go outside. Boy do we think alike!!! He met me at the end of the block and took me in his truck to areas I would not have been able to get to in my Honda. I just had to share a few of the pictures I took tonight. Mind you they are NOT good pictures but I am sure you will get the idea of how HUGE this rainbow was.

You could see both ends of the rainbow. I even think I saw a pot of gold at one end!
I wish I new how to take better pictures in these lighting conditions! There was so much cloud cover and then the sun was setting which was throwing TONS of bright yellow and red light almost horizontally. But it really was just amazing to out be there!

My Honda does NOT go places like this!!!!
Can you tell how bright this beauty was???? God really knew what He was doing when He invented the rainbow! They always make me happy when I see them and they always make me feel just a little bit "small".

I am so glad Gary went with me!

This is the sunset that was happening at the same time! I took this picture and the one right above this from the exact same point one minute apart. The one above was taken facing East. This one was taken facing west.

Too much beauty in our sky tonight! I hope if you live here you got to go outside and enjoy both the rainbow and the sunset!

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Jeanne said...

How gorgeous, Marta! I think you did a great job. I would have done the same thing, if I could.