Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The 4th Time is a Charm!

I know, I know, the saying is "the 3rd time is a charm". But in my case it was the 4th. I have been working on this class sample called "Ladies Home Journal" since before Christmas. It was turning out so cute and I was really happy with it that I put it on the schedule for Feb 6th. I even had 2 people signed up for the class without a sample to see! Then it fell apart. . . litterally! I was not detered, I figured out the problem and made it again. Still not right, again it fell apart! So I really studied it and figured out what the problem was and made it again. OMG!!!!! This time it did not fall apart but the pages wouldn't turn right. In my frustration I tore it all apart and threw it in the trash!!! Then Friday my friend Judie came over and as we talked we ended up on "Ladies Home Journal". I pulled it from the trash to show her. She really liked what she could see of it and encouraged me to try again. And that's exactly what I did today. I got a sure-fire idea of how to make it work, and as I snuck into my studio to work on it Monkey followed me. She wanted to "glue" too. so we sat her table up in my studio and we both "glued"
I was even able to talk Mom into using my camera to take a picture of the two of us (I look a mess so don't look to closely)
At 1am (after several distractions, dinner and dishes) I finally finished the "Ladies Home Journal" and it
didn't fall apart and the pages all turn!!!!
It's a bit different than the books I normally make, see if you can tell the 2 major differences. . .(You can click on the pictures to make them bigger)
Each page has a pull out tag. . .
That is what is laying on the counter with the book in each picture
I love this quote - it covers about 4 feet of space on a wall in my house!

The garden lady on this page lifts up for more space for photos or journaling
There are a couple of recipe cards for this page

Our ladies here open up to reveal just another space for goodies

This is the back cover
So, did you figure out what is different about this album????
1. It's a paper bag album! I never do those - ever. But here ya have it, black paper bags made into an book!
2. The cover is not bookboard. It is made out of corregated cardboard. I distressed it to allow some of the corregated to show. And I just collaged the covers and then varnished them. Yes, I said varnish!
So that is what I have been up to today. You can look for this to show up on the class schedule on March 6th (I think). I hope you all had a great day and feel like you were productive and creative! See ya soon.

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Eva said...

Marta only you can take paper bags and a cardboard box and make this! Awesome just awesome. As usual you have inspired and left me wanting more. Thanks so much for sharing.