Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!

And I had a wonderful time!!!! I thought I'd share a couple of pictures with you tonight of the first couple of days. As I get more edited I will share more. . .
Saturday we went to Sea World - this is my Monkey playing in the bouncey pit in the kids playground at Sea World. She was sooooo cute and just loving the freedom from her car seat and stroller.
Monkey loves Elmo, so it was imperative that she ride "Elmo's Flying Fish" ride. When we 1st tried to ride it in the morning she was unable to due to an earthquake!!!! We didn't feel it, but for safety reasons they closed the ride down for a bit.

Lunch time ended with strawberries and whipped cream for everyone (except me). These two were so cute sharing their berries.
We didn't really see many "Sea World" type animals - no Shamu or dolphins on this trip, mostly just playground stuff and the Pet Show. But I did get a few Flamingo pix.
I collect pressed pennies for Monkey - so at night we would put all of the pennies we had gotten that day into her little book. I started this on her 1st birthday trip, but she didn't really remember it. But after one or two pennies she learned to get excited about it. It was really fun for me.
She loved showing off her book after we added her new pennies. All of these loose ones are from Sea World!
Sunday we headed off to La Jolla - man was it cold and windy!!! I got a serious wind burn on my face and blisters between my lip and my nose - so ugly and hurts really bad - but totally worth it cause we had such a good time!
I had no idea So Calif had water this clear! It was amazingly beautiful.

I hope everyone was busy having fun while I was gone! I know I was busy having FUN!!!!

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Penny said...

Welcome home! Sure looks like you had a blast! Lots of good memories here!! Vittoria is growing up way too fast!! Thanks for sharing the good times with us!! Will be waiting for the next edited bunch of photos!