Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Friends. . .

Nothing exciting to report today just thought I'd share a couple photos of my Monkey. She is 19 months old today!!!! So I decided to take her shopping before nap time. We ran up to Target to get this Elmo bubble blower and that's all, but she was too dang cute and after all it was her "birthday". So we got Elmo, and a new baby doll, a monkey pillow, a big ball, and some sidewalk chalk. It was 90* out today (sorry to my snowed in friends back East) and so that meant it was hot inside as well (being cheap and trying not to turn the AC on yet) so we played outside all day, before and after her nap.
Zsa Zsa loves bubbles too, and I am not sure who enjoyed the Elmo bubble blower more, Monkey or Zsa Zsa?
These next two pictures are part of a series of 6 of her cracking up! It was adorable and her face changed with each quick click of the shutter!

Well, I am babysitting 6 month old twins tomorrow at 7:30am!!!!!! So I better get to bed early tonight. Wish me luck - I will need it!!!

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Eva said...

TWINS!!!! Brave woman. I can't believe it's 90 degrees there already. It's freezing here! No snow though.

I sure loved those pictures. Monkey has got to be the cutest kid ever!