Sunday, February 15, 2009

Studio Sunday

Yeppers, that is where I spent my Sunday! I have new papers to play with, a class tomorrow evening, and no one was home but the dogs. So it's only natural that I take the day to play and create. Although in actuality, I should have been cleaning and taking care of other things. Oh Well. . .I didn't and I am over the guilt just that quickly!
So here is some of what I did today. . .
This is made with the new Graphic 45 Fashionista papers - LOVE THEM!!!! It is a sewn accordian book with a cover band to keep it all together when it is closed. "I am Woman hear me Roar!" has no room for pictures or writing. Instead it is just a fun little quote book to showcase some of my favorite "Women" quotes. (In case you didn't know, I love quotes) You can click on the picture to see it all opened up.
Lately I have been giving away a door prize at my classes. It is just a fun little thing I want to do to say "thank you". So many of the ladies that are in my classes have taken lots of my classes and I just feel so honored that they are willing to give up their time and money to take my classes. The prizes have ranged from kits from past classes, blank books and even one of my class samples. Here you can see the prize for tomorrow's class (Monumental & Mundane) I made up a Basic Grey bracket album with my favorite collection of papers that BG made. It's called "12 Things you might not know about me". Of course there is a ton of ink and lots of stamping in this little chipboard book. I wish I had the time to make one for everyone in the class. So, Good Luck Girls, I hope you win! Well that is all of the creativity that happened in my studio. The rest of what happened was all work stuff, packing up for my class, cleaning up the HUGE mess I made today and some computer work.
While I am showing you all the stuff that came out of my studio today, I have to show you what was created in here in an hour on Thursday. . . .

This is the Valentine Lizzy made for Richard. She came in here to try to make a card using small playing cards and was having troubles, so I suggested making a ring book using some of my jumbo cards and pictures of them together. She loved the idea and just grabbed this and that and went to town and made this adorable card book for him. I love how free she is when she creates - so not her anal rententive Mom!

Well, that's about all of the news I have today. I hope you are all having a great weekend and that you get tomorrow off too! Happy Birthday George and Abe!!!!!!!!

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Eva said...

As usual you do not disappoint!
I was especially excited to see our favorite quote in there!! **wink, wink**
Love it!