Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a Quickie. . .

I wanted to post some pictures and stuff today - but now it is late and I am tired. But before I crawl into bed I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for Gary. His surgery went well and so is his recovery. But not because he is doing anything to help! The man is NOT a typical man and does not like to be babied or take it easy when he is sick/hurt. On our way home from the hospital, still high on anesthesia, he had to stop at Starbucks for coffee goodness. The nurses said he could have coffee, but I don't think they meant all of this milk, whipped cream and sugar! After Starbucks he wanted to stop at Walgreens to get his meds, reasonable enough, they have a drive-thru. NO. . . he wants to go in and walk around!!!!!! Crazy man. By the time we got home he was hurtin'! After a light lunch and some percoset, he was feeling better, which translates into getting up and overdoing some more! This morning was no different - yard work, taking Monkey for a walk. Then, wait till you hear this one. . . .He goes out and works out with his weights! The hospital called to check up on him while he was out there. They were NOT impressed! Once he finished this foolishness he was in the house and SICK! A quick nap and feeling a bit better means "Let's Go"! So he and Monkey head up to get his truck worked on, go out to lunch and walk around the shopping center for 3 hours while they wait for his truck to get finished. Guess what - that's right - he was not feeling so great! Lots of pain and feeling worn out. He was in bed by 6pm - not to stay but in bed none the less. There was a couple of dart games around 8:30. But thankfully he has been sleeping ever since. Hopefully tomorrow he will try to rest and not try to be superman!
His strength has always been what makes me love him so I guess I should not be surprised at all of this.

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