Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!

Gary called me this morning to let me know that our rains yesterday had produced snow on the mountains. Lots of chores and errands today but that didn't stop me from getting pictures of the snow capped mountains. I took my camera on my errands with me and I pulled over several times to take pictures. Here is one I took as I was arriving home this afternoon.

While I was out and about today I swung by Creative Quest, okay who am I kidding. . . I drove the 27mi one way to go to the Polish restraunt next door to get my pretzle fix taken care of. But since I drove that far I had to pop in and say hi to Kathie and see what was going on. While I was there I found 2 new books I just had to have. If you love to make handmade books the way I do, you will want at least one if not both of these books. For about 6mo or so I have been wanting to make a cloth book. But I just have not been able to figure out all of the "mechanics" to do the book I want to make. Then I found "Fabric Art Journals" today and that was it for me!!!! I cannot wait to start one. I already have it all planned out in my head! I will be making it out of my Mom's and my wedding dresses and including photos from our weddings and Bryanna's wedding and I will tell the story of the ring bearer pillow from Bryanna's wedding (it was made from both of our dresses too). The other book - "Bookcraft" is a great book too. It is full of step by step instructions on different binding techniques. It is a great resource to add to your library. I just love a great new book. Soon both of these will be full of post-its and highlighter marks.
Speaking of books. . . Mom is going to the Visiting Nurses Book Sale pre-sale tomorrow. I wish I was allowed to go too. But I have put in my request of books I want this year. I am asking for old dictionaries this time. I hope she finds some cool ones for me!

This weekend I did a maternity shoot and had a blast. I took a ton of photos of her and her husband. I hope they will be happy with them when they see them. This is just one that I took and played around with.
Well, it is getting late and I still have a ton to get done before I go to bed. Gotta be alert in the morning, I have Monkey all by myself tomorrow.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!

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Jeanne said...

I should never have found out about your blog...I just ordered those books too! The books I made like your Toy Soldier book turned out wonderful. All my friends are drooling. I'll take photos soon & send you a link.

Jeanne in Illinois