Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Couldn't Wait!!!

That's right. . I couldn't wait! I just finished my 1st cloth book. It was just a practice book but I wanted to practice adding photos, text and embellishments as well as constructing the book. So I made this one to give to my friend that just had her 1st baby. I lucked out and didn't have to go to the store for anything. The fabric was left over from Monkey's quilt , and I am not sure why but I had some iron on transfer sheets in my studio. It was a fun process, made some mistakes, but I learned quite a bit and maybe soon I will start on the one I really want to make. Click on the picture to see the inside.
These are TERRIBLE pictures, but I had to post them. Monkey was being especially loving for just a few minutes yesterday. We were home alone so I had to capture the moment myself, one handed and without looking through the veiwfinder.

After the kisses came hugs - Man I LOVE this little Monkey!
Have a great weekend and watch out for black cats, cracks in the sidewalk, and don't open any umbrellas inside today!!!!!

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Cathy said...

Hello! Thank you for comment on my Tri-Panel Display posted on 2P's stamping gallery.

I saw the link to your blog, thought I'd come & check it out. I'll definately be back to visit!

Your grand-daughter is gorgeous... aren't they all at this age? My gd will be turning 3 in April --- she's my one and only! I hear ya about the "empty nest", although enjoyable most days, it gets a little lonely sometimes. Thankfully, I've be having lunch with my dd and her faminly to celebrate my b-day tomorrow.