Friday, February 28, 2014

Whittling Down my MOTB To-Do List. . . .

Well we are 3 months and 1 week until the big day and I have been keeping busy making all of the goodies for Lizzy's wedding and trying to get well. That stupid flu bug left me with a nasty "hanging on" cough that just wears me out! But I am making good progress and tonight I felt as though I had gotten so much done already that it  was time to clean everything up and take a break for a week or so (we'll see how that goes). 
So I decided this was a good time to show you all what I have been up to. . . 

This is the banner that my Monkey will be carrying down the aisle. I still need to finish the pole (cut it, paint  it and add finials and ribbons) but Try as I would tonight I just could not cut that wooden pole with the only rusty hand saw I could find around here. I will have to get Gary to take care of this for me later.  

 After a lot of hours and even more frustration I finally got the stems wrapped on all of the bouquets! I had a devil of a time figuring out how I wanted to cover all of those ugly wire stems. 
 I ended up wrapping them with twine and adding little pearl pins and Liz & I are both happy with them. Now we just need to find the perfect ivory satin ribbon for the streamers and these will be complete! We are having a hard time finding that perfect ribbon so if you are local and know of a good place to buy nice ribbon I would love for you to share. Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Mike's and SAS were all a bust. I wish the Lace Place was still in business!

Liz is using frames as part of her centerpieces and I got those all done this week as well!
 I only had to buy 4 frames - I had the other 10 so that was nice. I just had to take them all a part. . .
 Prime them. . . 
 Paint them all this bubble gum pink. . .
 Then dry brush them with white paint. Stain them with a brown stain. Dry brush them again with gold paint and then seal them. Ta Da!!! Look how pretty they turned out! Who would have thought that pink would end up looking like this?
 This is "sorta" what her centerpieces will look like - a frame with a clear mason jar full of baby breath, 2 smaller blue mason jars with tea lights and some classic love story book pages punched into hearts sprinkled around. Also there will be lace under the frame and Liz informed me that the frame will sit at an angle on the runner - not straight like I have in the picture.

 She is also doing a candy/treat bar at the reception and these are all of the jars we will be using. I got them all washed and realized one was cracked . . .back to the store and then back home to get them wrapped in burlap and lace. I ordered little pink scoops that I will wrap the handles with twine and pearls. It's going to look so pretty once all of the goodies are in there! 

UPDATE: the little pink scoops arrived the very next day! So they are now all dressed up and ready to attend the wedding

 Aren't they cute!

Lastly I finished all of the table runners tonight - YEAH!!!
Burlap makes such a mess when you are working with it!
Originally we were going to add a wide ivory scalloped lace to the whole length of the runner, right down the center. But that would have taken about 50 yards of lace and at $6 a yard that was just a waste of money in our opinions. So we decided to fringe the ends, tie the fringe in little knots and then add a ribbon. It just didn't hang right and since I am the only one in my family that can tie a bow, that would mean on the day of the wedding I would be busy tying 30 bows! 
 So I came up with this - just a pretty ivory lace across the top of the fringe. The "stitch witchery" that I used to attach the lace kept the fringe from continuing to unravel so we got to eliminate all of those tedious knots. This was much faster and ya gotta love SAS - I got 15 yards of this lace for $3.75 total!!!
 Here's my whole box of runners - all rolled up and ready to dress the tables at my baby's wedding!
I still have the Guest book to get done and several other things but we are coming along quite well since we had so little time to put this celebration together. 
Monday we are doing her food tasting. She has hired a chef instead of going with a traditional caterer or restaurant. So he is coming to MY house to cook for Lizzy, Richard, Richards parents and the 3 of us here. You know what that means. . . gotta scrub the house - especially the kitchen! Always something to do right?

Anyhoo - that is my life these days - just busy being the Mother of the Bride and loving every minute!
Have a great weekend Friends
till we meet again. . .  

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