Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Day. . .a day late

I was so hopeful that I was on the mend - then I woke up yesterday with my fever raging again and no ability to function at all. I had hoped to post a new doodle for you as my Valentines to you all but I did nothing but lay in bed all day. 
So here is my Valentine to you all, just a little bit late. . . 
Feel free to print it out and get out your markers, pencils, pastels or even your kid's crayons and just have fun coloring! I did this one last month and even colored it in. It was TONS of fun to color, it just turned out so bright and cheery! You can't really see it here but, I added lots of glitter and gel pens to make it even brighter. 

But you gotta be careful when you have all of your pens out on the table. . . 

As you can see in the doodle below I accidentally grabbed a turquoise glaze pen instead of a light blue glitter pen when I wet to highlight my clouds! I didn't have much choice but to finish coloring in the clouds. I also ran out of my #19 yellow pen while I was doing the border. So all in all this is not a fav of mine. I might have to print one out for myself to color and give it another try. 

Can you see the differences (not just the color) from the printable I posted on Thursday? I added some more doodley details - I hope you will add some of your own touches as well if you are printing my doodles!

Well time to go lay down some more. I guess I am glad I moved my class that was scheduled for today to March - there is no way I would be on top of my game!!!
Till we meet again. . . 

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