Thursday, March 6, 2014

Art just for ME!!!

I decided to take a little break from wedding prep this week (well after a tasting on Monday and a meeting at the venue on Tuesday that is) and make some art just for me. It has been awhile and I have missed getting my hands dirty (which they are now). So here is what I worked on yesterday - it is called red letter prayers. I have been studying prayer and healing in my personal Bible study time and wanted to honor the things that God is revealing to me. I also wanted a tangible reminder of these valuable lessons, so what does Marta do? She creates ART!

 This canvas is 12x16 and there is lots of texture in this piece and as you can see LOTS of red! There is also quite a bit of gold (maybe too much? I am not sure yet)

 I used actual Bible pages with some of the scriptures that I have been focusing on
  The Hebrew letters at the bottom spell Yaweh (Jehovah to us Gentiles) It was supposed to say Yaweh Rapha (the Lord that Heals) but I was short one letter to spell Rapha. 

 The main scripture goes all the way around the canvas edge in red (they are the words Jesus spoke). 

 I have another BIG canvas in the works drying on the patio right now
 It is a BIG one - 16x40! This is the biggest canvas I have ever worked on. And I am using a really old Bible for this one. I have been saving this Bible for just the "right project". I am also trying some new ideas so wish me luck that I haven't wasted all of my Bible pages and this big canvas!
Here it is in progress - although right now it is completely covered with the Bible pages and is drying 

I hope you will take some time to do something just for YOU!
till we meet again. . . 

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