Saturday, April 13, 2013

I've Been Busy in My Studio. . .

I have a couple more new class samples for you to take a peek at (they will be in the store today if you want to see them in real life). I am very happy with both of them but I must say I LOVE this first one.
Antiquities Art Journal
 Saturday May 25th, 2-5pm
 I have been wanting to teach this technique and this binding for quite sometime now - I finally am going to do it! I love this plaster look and feel to this book. Although it looks a little rough, it is actually so smooth and has a wonderful weight and texture as you hold it in your hands. The binding is a new binding I learned a while back - although it is technically a "sewn" binding it uses no needles. It is quick and easy and a great way to bind heavy single pages together. You really don't want to miss this class. It is only a 3 hour class so you will be kept very busy but its gonna be FUN!
 Here are some more details for you to take a look at - The book lays nice and flat so you can actually create in it. And the pages already have that first layer on them so they are ready to go when inspiration hits! Each page is a 6x8 canvas board so it is going to hold up well to any paint, sprays, inks or mediums you put on them.
Time & Energy Canvas
 Saturday June 29th, 10am - 5pm
Since posting my last two personal canvases, I have had some requests to teach this technique. I didn't think I could do it because it is a lengthy process. But I managed to get something going that we can finish in a class period. This is a 6x6 canvas with nice deep 1 1/2" sides. I have a lot of symbolism going on this canvas (which is what I like to do with this style of art) all about what we should be spending our Time & Energy on - can you figure any of it out from looking at the picture?
I hope I will get to see you in one of my upcoming classes. Until then - have a GREAT weekend and
Till we meet again. . .

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