Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family Photo Day

Last week we had our FIRST family portraits taken since Bug was born! I just got them today and cannot wait to get them framed and on the walls! I figured I would show off my beautiful family tonight. Enjoy. . .

 Here's my whole gang
 My older daughter Bryanna and her family
 My baby girl and her man, Richard
 My Mom and my Grandbabies - isn't this a sweet picture
 My goofy girls
 Auntie Yo with the girls - Lizzy always says "yo" when she starts talking to you and so when Monkey was a baby she started calling her that. So Liz has never been Aunt Lizzy - always Yo
 My Monkey
 and my Bug (playing puppy dog)
 Here's me and my Man, Gary
Gary and I with our 4 girls - this started out to be a picture of just Gary, our 2 girls and I but the grandbabies just had to be in it.
So this is my beautiful family
No I suppose I should finish packing kits for this weekend.
Have a great day
Till we meet again. . . .

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