Saturday, July 7, 2012

Knock Knock. . .

Who's there???
It's me of course! I just wanted to share with you what I did this evening. . .
No, not more furniture (actually I did work on another piece today but I forgot to take pictures) tonight is yet another canvas. This is the 1st piece made especially for my new studio. It is called "ASK, SEEK, KNOCK". I chose to make this canvas because this scripture has been floating around in my head all week.

 I just adore this vintage image of this little girl saying her bedtime prayers!
 I hope this doesn't upset anyone but I bought an old Bible at a thrift store for .50 and tore out 2 pages in Matthew for this canvas (the scripture is Matt 7:7). I stamped some eyes and a question mark on the Matthew page and added a G-45 door knob that I painted and distressed to represent the seek, ask & knock in the scripture.
 Here is the whole scripture written out - it is about prayer and God's faithfulness to us. It means alot to me because each step of the way in making this new room has been a faithful answer to prayer. I have started calling my new studio "The Room that God Built" .
 I love how the door knob turned out - I added an old rusty skeleton key with part of a broken rosary chain and a little bronze cross hanging from it.

This was a really fun piece to make - I had so much fun with the background paint colors and the process of getting the paint on the canvas. Each layer of paint, ink & paper was just too much fun! These canvases are like a little mystery - you think you know where it is going to take you, but it always ends up going quite a bit differently than you planned. I love the color palette here - it is what I am planning for the whole room - reds, browns, some oxidized blue/turquoise and of course black!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my first piece of art for my new studio.
have a great weekend
Till we meet again. . .

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