Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art Inspirations

As most of you know I have recently fallen in love with mixed media and art journaling. It has become a exciting, new way for me to express myself. Although art and words have always been a huge part of my daily life, this new medium has touched my spirit in a way none of my other artistic endeavors have.

I have started collecting images online to help me express my thoughts and emotions on my canvases and in my journals. Sometimes it is quite the struggle to find that "perfect" image to depict what I am wanting to share through my art. So I decided that I would share them with all of you here on this blog of mine called "Art Inspirations"

I will probably not be sharing any of my own art there or telling stories about my life here.That is what Spillin The Beenz  is all about! Instead I will be storing these things that inspire me in my art. Hopefully they will inspire you as well. I hope you will enjoy checking back there often for new images, new inspirational quotes and scriptures.

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