Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Update on the Room

So today I decided it might be kinda fun to line the inside of my hope chest with some vintage book pages. I love how it turned out - just wish I hadn't rub out of pages. Now I need to come up with something cool for the lid. Any ideas????

 I also got busy on my letters - I tried a new technique I saw on Pintrest (gotta love pintrest!)to add a peeled paint/distressed look. It was very easy and I loved it - gonna do it again sometime soon.
 Just in case you want to try it, here's how you do it. Paint your letters a base color - I used a medium brown on mine. Once the paint is dry, rub a bar of Ivory soap (it's gotta be Ivory or Dove - something that is pure soap)in the areas that you want distressed. you can see it above on the 5 brown letters.
 Next paint your top color - I used a red on mine. Once this coat is dry sand off the paint in the areas you applied the soap.
 Once I was done I mixed up a black paint and water mixture, I painted the whole letter with it and then wiped it all off. It stays in the crevices and just adds to the aged look.
 Once my varnish arrives I will add a coat of that before attaching them to the front of the hope chest.

I also got a really cool and FREE chair today!!! It matches everything perfectly! I will be reupholstering the seat as soon as I find the perfect (and maybe free) fabric.
So that's where we stand with the room now. I am getting so excited to see it all finished and even more excited about working in my new studio!

Till we meet again. . . .

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